Heart & Hands

Wellsprings at Wild Arrow Ranch

10 Manning Street


(830) 995-2423

10 Manning St, Waring, TX 78074, USA

Mission and Vision

At Wellsprings, we are committed to providing a place for first responders to rest, relax, reconnect, and recharge.


Today, our first responders put their lives on the line for strangers, people they don’t know, won’t meet and never will. They run TOWARD the fight, the fire, the injured instead of running away from it like every day citizens might. They risk themselves, body, mind and spirit, to serve and to protect. And to them, it’s an HONOR. Taking oaths before wearing their uniform to accept the responsibilities and challenges of their chosen field regardless of their own personal safety.

At Wellsprings, we are offer a Texas Ranch Style retreat for individual First Responders and their families. With rest and relaxation in mind, we offer overnight accommodations, outdoor / indoor recreation, and meals for a nominal booking fee. We also provide a traumatic incident recovery course multiple times each year. Check our calendar for details and to register for the next course rotation.

We welcome the First Responder family to step away from work and enjoy the great outdoors Texas style!

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