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Texas Runaway Hotline



24Hr HELP: 1-800-989-6884

Mission and Vision

The Texas Youth (Runaway) Helpline provides free and confidential services to youth, their parents, and other family members of youth in crisis who need help finding a counselor, safe shelter, legal information, other local referral information, or just someone to talk to.


POINT OF CONTACT: Telephone counselors are trained staff and volunteers, dedicated to helping youth in crisis, answer all of our phone calls, texts, and chats.

HOURS: Hotline operates 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

AREA SERVED: State of Texas youth, parents, teachers, law enforcement, social workers, counselors, and
other concerned adults can contact the helpline by phone, chat or text. If we aren't the
resource to help you, we will try to help you find an appropriate resource or community

SERVICES OFFERED: We can talk with you about your problem, discuss your choices, and help you develop a sensible plan of action. We’re also available if you want someone who will just listen.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Staff and volunteers provide runaways, potential runaways and their families with services that include crisis intervention and telephone counseling, information and referrals
for callers seeking food, shelter and transportation home, confidential conference calls
between youths and families, and the message service to promote communication between
runaways and their families.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE FOR CLIENT: Call toll-free Hotline 24 hours a day for assistance.

COST TO CLIENT: Hotline is a free confidential service.

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