Heart & Hands

Texas Master Naturalist - Alamo Chapter

San Antonio 78268

Mission and Vision

We constantly work in a number of different ways and in various locations around Bexar and surrounding counties, and with various supporting partner organizations to fulfill our mission to “develop a corps of well-informed volunteers to provide education, outreach, and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within (our) communities”.
In support of our mission, the Alamo Area Master Naturalists support several special ongoing projects. These particular projects are important to us; they serve to define our legacy; they are the Heritage Projects. The locations provide educational opportunities to the public and life giving support to urban plants, insects, birds, and other animals. These projects meet three or more criteria of:

Support of our mutual mission statements
Financial support of the Chapter
Dedicated group of chapter volunteers with a dedicated work-group leader
Link back to the local chapter Board
Chapter legal agreement with the land owner


What is a Texas Master Naturalist?
A Texas Master Naturalist is someone who is passionate about the natural world and is eager to share his or her knowledge and experiences with others. It is also someone who volunteers his or her time to the local community by assisting with activities that involve the education, preservation, restoration, and conservation of natural resources.

Historically, the Natural Initiatives Program Group, the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department, and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department had designed and developed an educational program to improve the understanding and management of natural resources in urban areas. The mission of the program was to train volunteers to work with our community to achieve these goals.

From these local origins, the Texas Master Naturalist Program grew into the statewide natural resource-based volunteer training and development program sponsored by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Texas AgriLife Extension. In addition to our official sponsors, our Alamo Area Master Naturalist Chapter partners locally with the San Antonio Parks & Recreation Department and the Texas Forest Service.

As a matter of fact, the Alamo Area Master Naturalist Chapter is the founding chapter in the entire Master Naturalist Program; not just here in Texas, but also nationwide.

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