Heart & Hands

Pleasant Valley Historic School

Hwy 46 and Los Indios Ranch Road


TX-46 & Los Indios Ranch Rd, Texas 78006, USA

Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION: To present the historic Pleasant Valley School as an iconic reminder of the Texas one room school era.

OUR VISION: To conserve and preserve the Pleasant Valley School for years to come as a historical reminder of the beginnings of our vast Texas educational system.
We see a community who appreciates the historic integrity and significance of the Pleasant Valley School and fosters its continued use as a keystone to Kendall County Texas as a rural community.

We encourage that the local community:
Own, maintain and preserve the historical site and building locally known as the Pleasant Valley School,
Maintain and display the historical records and artifacts of the site and to provide educational opportunities regarding the School and its history to the public,
Maintain the property for the encouragement and pursuance of general community activities as a rural community center.


We want to encourage activities that:

 Conserve and preserve the historic exterior and interior of the Pleasant Valley School as a hallmark example of a traditional local rural one room school house as it reflects the historical rural customs and values that have made the Hill Country what is today.

 Conserve and preserve historic memorabilia and artifacts that provide a better understanding of the unique personal, educational and community contributions of the historic Pleasant Valley School and its patrons throughout the years.

 Present public education forums on the school, its teachers and students including community and family history central to the Pleasant Valley School.

 Encourage displays and programs that convey to visitors the historical importance of the Pleasant Valley School as a cornerstone of the local rural community and of the Texas State educational system from the late 1880s to present.

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