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Mission and Vision

The mission of Pet Search and Rescue, Inc is to help pets in need across the US, on a community by community level, by networking animal welfare groups and the general public in the rescue and recovery of lost and found pets. With our master level software & database development skills we create state of the art tools to help lost, found, pound and adoptable pets in need such as through our community level database websites.

CONTACT US: info@petsearchandrescue.org


Our core help is our central database - per community.
We serve a number of communities where pet help / pet networking is needed. For example, San Antonio, Texas.

SApets.com (San Antonio) is a software database system that networks the San Antonio Animal Care Services (ACS), animal shelters, spay & neuter facilities and the public who have either lost or found an animal. Now in its 14th year, SApets.com strives to get lost pets home faster, to get pets identified & retrieved from ACS, to help with the No-Kill effort, to educate the public on spay/neuter programs and to increase opportunities for adoptable pets in need of a loving home. Usage is free to the orgs and the general public.

We can help you network your city / your community together so that lost pets are returned home (faster), participating pounds/shelters that euthanize can put fewer pets down, and adoptable pets in your area can get more exposure to find forever homes.
Tell us what pet issues you are having in your community.

City wide Portal/Database for all pet orgs:
We will network your city or community so that the website for your community is a portal and central database for the lost, found, pound, and adoptable pets in your area.

- We offer a lost/found flyer generator/database system that keeps the pet owner's name and contact information private.
Privacy Flyer® is a registered trademark of Pennington Technical Arts and is used by Pet Search and Rescue, Inc for lost/found flyer generation.

Cross reference "Pound to Pet Owner":
- We will cross reference each evening the pets that came into your pound (their breed) against the posted lost pets and email the lost pet owner of the possible matches.

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