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Life Change Centers - Texas



Mission and Vision

We are dedicated to restore broken lives afflicted by childhood trauma, domestic violence, abuse, tragedies of life and substance addiction through daily training, support, guidance, love and care.

We aspire to restore and empower every life for a successful future through the love of God.


A transformational journey from drug and alcohol addiction. We aspire to restore and heal every life we touch through the love of God. LCC is operating with highly trained staff and a high number of volunteers. Together we have helped hundreds of people to leave addictions behind while growing spiritually, academically and financially.

Life Change Centers is 501c3 non-profit organization providing up to 18 months residential program forboth men and women 18 years and older. Residents are provided with a detox program, restoration process, and learning opportunities so they are equipped to reenter their community with the confidence and skills to start an honest, successful, lasting drug free life.

We strive to empower each person to restore their lives and encouraging them to serve others like they once have been served bringing hope in people’s lives. Reaching out to youth involved in gang violence, families broken apart, and adults enslaved by substance abuse, they impact hopeless people, neighborhoods, economy and future generation.​​​

• RECOVERY – BODY LCC offers a drug-free detox program during which students are under 24-hour care, use sauna therapy to accelerate detoxification, and are fed nutritious meals to restore health.
• RESTORATION – MIND: Following the detox process, students begin to learn how to rebuild their lives and relationships. This includes everything from forgiveness, teamwork, and basic life skills to character traits, work ethic, and specialized skills.
• REHABILITATION – SPIRIT LCC program focuses on empowering students through a personal relationship with God to gain an understanding of the true power of God and develop a vision greater than tomorrow.
• Multicultural Cuisine
• Handy Man Training
• Give Back Program


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