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Kendall County Farm Bureau

1 Sisterdale Road



1 Sisterdale Rd, Boerne, TX 78006, USA

Mission and Vision

The Kendall County Farm Bureau is part of the Texas Farm Bureau; TexasFarmBureau.org.

Our Mission:
Texas Farm Bureau’s mission is to be the Voice of Texas Agriculture.

We are Texas Farm Bureau. Over 500,000 member-families strong.

Safe food. Abundant and affordable.

Choice in what we eat. And how it’s grown.

This is our vision. A prosperous agriculture. To ensure your family a viable, domestic source of food, fiber and fuel.

Resilient. Politically active. Policy driven.

We believe private property rights are worth protecting, water should be used wisely and government should be responsive and responsible. That’s why we advocate with our members in Austin and Washington.

Value. Time. Quality.

Your life can get complicated. Exclusive benefits and services make it a little bit easier. And a whole lot more affordable.

We are building a bigger and brighter Texas. Together.


> We bring consumers together with farmers and ranchers. To build a lasting relationship. To share the stories and values of rural Texas.
> Because the people and values are our foundation. Our representation on local, state and national levels. Working toward a common goal—to grow a viable future for Texas.
> And we engage with folks who want to know more. Cultivate understanding and appreciation. Pursue policy. Influence legislation and grow together.
> We have the conversations that move agriculture forward. Today, tomorrow and years to come.

> We like. We share. We tweet. Do you?
>We’ve gone social with the story of farmers, ranchers and rural Texas.
> Facebook is our foundation. Growing like a weed after a three-day rain. Fertilized with the best rural ?>Texas photos anywhere. A bit of hard news. Exciting commentary on issues that affect all Texans and the food they eat. Stimulating discussions. And recipes. We love to eat, too!
> Twitter. We tell Texas agriculture’s stories in 140 characters or less. Breaking news. Photos. Diverse views. On things you need to know. And things you want to know. 365 days a year.
> Texas agriculture is big. And beautiful. That’s why we love Instagram. There’s so much to capture. A photo every day of the vibrant world of agriculture and rural Texas. And our photographers are some of the best.
> Home cooking. Country recipes. We’ll satisfy those cravings on Pinterest. We feature those recipes grandma used to make. Along with our photos and other farm facts.
> Get to know us. Find out more about the food you eat and the farmers and ranchers who grow it. We’ve made a big splash in Texas social media. We invite you to jump in!

> We are family at Texas Farm Bureau. A big one. More than 500,000 member-families strong.
> We know that life can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we work to make it easier.
> With a big array of benefits that save you money and time on everything from health solutions to vehicles. Even banking services.
> Texas Farm Bureau brings benefits straight to your fingertips. Joining our family doesn’t cost. It pays. Join today and harvest the benefits!


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