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Mission and Vision

Our Mission: The Daughters of the Republic of Texas, a lineal organization, shall educate, research, preserve, and protect the history of the Republic of Texas for all future generations.

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Founded in 1891, The Daughters of The Republic of Texas is the oldest patriotic women’s organization in Texas and one of the oldest in the nation.

During the summer of 1891, in her father’s law library, a site in Galveston, Texas, that is now known as the “Cradle,” Miss Betty Ballinger and her cousin, Miss Hally Bryan, conceived the idea of perpetuating forever the memory of the Texas pioneer families and soldiers of the Republic of Texas by forming an association of their descendants.

The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is a genealogical organization with one hundred and six chapters divided into ten districts. Each chapter is a part of the larger organization and must operate within the framework of Bylaws established by the Association.

The objectives of DRT are:

(1) To perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who achieved and maintained the independence of Texas.

(2) To encourage historical research into the earliest records of Texas, especially those relating to the Revolution of 1835 and the events which followed; to foster the preservation of documents and relics; to encourage the publication of records of individual service of the soldiers and patriots of the Republic and other source material for the history of Texas.

(3) To promote the celebration of Texas Honor Days; to secure and memorialize historic spots by erecting markers thereon, and to cherish and preserve the unity of Texas, as achieved and established by the fathers and mothers of the Texas Revolution.

The DRT, through the culmination of ten years of hard work, fundraising and dedication by members broke ground on the construction of The Republic of Texas History Center and Museum that will house the museum and headquarters for the DRT.

The DRT owns and manages historical properties and museums throughout the state.

The DRT worked with artist Benjamin Knox to create the artwork for the Native Texan License Plate.

The DRT sponsors contests and awards that support the DRT objectives above.

The DRT Library Collection is housed in the Former Federal Reserve Building on 126 E. Nueva Street, San Antonio, Texas. The 38,000 non-circulating collection has been developed and is supported and maintained by The Daughters of The Republic of Texas for the use of all researchers. Documents, books, maps, letters and other artifacts, pertain to the Republic of Texas history of Texas, San Antonio, and the Alamo. The Daughters, Texas A & M University San Antonio and Bexar County have partnered to preserve and maintain the collection so future generations will better understand the cost of freedom and liberty.


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