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Comfort Garden Club


Mission and Vision

Comfort Garden Club - Still going and growing after 68 years!

In 1953 a group of women interested in learning about different forms of gardening and flower arranging chartered the Comfort Garden Club. It remains one of Comfort’s oldest organizations, with 50 active and 4 honorary members.

Over the years the club has expanded its vision to include anything related to living with nature in our unique Hill Country environment. Members have enjoyed learning about such varied topics as “keyhole” gardening, growing succulents, composting, and creating pollinator gardens. Guest speakers come from a variety of resources including the Hill Country Master Gardeners, the Master Naturalists and the Native Plant Society of Texas.


The focus of the 2021-22 year comes from the Comfort Vision 2050 Environment Initiative #4 to educate the members and the community at large in the value of landscaping with native plants. Plans are underway to accomplish this goal in a variety of ways.

As their on-going service project, the Garden Club plants and maintains the two large flower pots at the entrance to the Library. In addition, in April, the Club holds its annual plant and bake sale on High Street.

All proceeds are donated to local non-profits. Past recipients include the Comfort Volunteer Fire Department, Comfort Library, Golden Age Center and the Boys and Girls Club. Comfort’s support of the plant and bake sale is critical to the Club’s ability to support other worthwhile organizations.

After 68 years, the Comfort Garden Club continues to enrich the lives of its members and our community. It remains a vibrant, informative and fun-loving organization which welcomes anyone with similar interests – male or female.

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