Heart & Hands

Boerne Lacrosse

29315 Grand Coteau Dr.

Fair Oaks


29315 Grand Coteau Dr, Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015, USA

Mission and Vision

Who we are as a program and a family:

Boerne Lacrosse is the rising star program in the South Texas region. We are a non-profit program created in 2010 to grow the lacrosse game in the Boerne/I-10 corridor. Over the past 10 years, we have grown to fill boys teams at every age level from 1st grade through high school/varsity. Additionally, we are continuing to spread the game and building a girls program in 2021/2022. Our program is run by a board of directors and coaches volunteering their time and passion to promote the sport of lacrosse and the success of the program.

We will harness the energy provided by engaged players, parents and coaches to build upon our strengths and opportunities. The parent/player experience is critical to the continued success of the program.

Our pillars that guide how we run the program, manage practices, and compete:




How we will be successful

Player development and team building:
Players will feel like they are part of a family with supportive coaches and teammates
We will give them each an opportunity to be their best and contribute to the team
We will identify top talent and support their development and goals
Positive attitude and team mentality will be encouraged and valued

Parent experience and engagement:
Parents will feel like they are part of a family with communicative coaches and opportunities to establish connections within the teams
Communications will be timely and provide clear expectations early in the season
Coaches will be available for questions and will provide progress updates on player development
Clear expectations and preparation will be critical to maintain parent support

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