Heart & Hands

3 Parts Love

Mission and Vision

We are a group of ladies who keep it real and don’t hide behind superficial conversation. We are women with real issues, real pains, joys, and opportunities for growth. We are all imperfect with unique stories. ​ The one thing we all have in common is a full plate, a hope to grow, and a desire to share life with a small group of women who offer us grace and love.


Women's social support groups! 3PL is absolutely a place for...
• Growth and accountability • Listening and learning • Caring and nurturing • Love • Encouragement • Authenticity • Busy women • Socializing and friendship building

3PL is not intended to be...
• Complicated • A gossip circle • A place for perfection • Therapy • A replacement for Bible Study, Church, or your small group

Groups meeting in the Boerne area: Group #31, Group #22, Group #45, Group #47, Group #36

We meet once a month to share life and encourage one another toward Christ and His best for them.

Reach out to us at dacia@3partslove.com to get information on signing up!

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