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American GI Forum – National Veterans Outreach Program

611 N. Flores Street

San Antonio


611 N Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to establish and maintain a comprehensive community service agency with a diversified funding source that will serve the needs of veterans, their families, and other needy individuals of the community.

Our Vision: NVOP offers a #handUP for Veterans and Civilians experiencing homelessness. NVOP provides employment assistance, provides work-related items, helps clients get training/certifications/licenses, links clients to resources, and provides housing start-up costs for Veterans.


The NVOP, headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, is recognized nationally as a premier community-based service provider specializing in services for veterans with special needs. The NVOP is an organization with diversified service components administered by the prime organization (the NVOP) and six sub-corporations that operate services that include employment and training for veterans, affordable housing for the elderly, homeless veterans services, economic development projects that include the Veterans Enterprises of Texas (VETS) box manufacturing company.

Our goal is to establish and maintain a comprehensive community Veteran Service Organization with diversified funding sources that will serve the needs of veterans, their families, and other needy individuals of the community

Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for veterans, their families, and other vulnerable individuals to navigate and access housing services and job resources in our community. We tackle some of the most complex inequities amongst both the veteran and non-veteran population, and our team works tirelessly to restore dignity in those who seek comfort, support, and assistance.

• Transitional Housing (RCV, San Antonio)
• Employment & Training Programs (All Sites)
• Permanent Housing (Veterans, all sites; Elderly, SATX)

The organization’s unique service activities include housing assistance, job placement, mental health counseling, street outreach, and economic development projects.

HISTORY: Over the past four decades, NVOP has assisted more than 450,000 veterans, including those who are experiencing chronic homelessness, disabled veterans re-entering the workforce, veterans with criminal backgrounds, and veterans recently discharged from military duty.

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Monday–Friday 8:30AM 5:30PM

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