Heart & Hands

The Comfort Little Theater



Mission and Vision

Show time at dark thirty, last weekend in April and first weekend in May. In the theater district of Waring, Texas, somewhere between Welfare and Comfort.

Adult humor + A little risqué + Comfort Little Theater = One fun filled night! Come on, come all on.


Comfort Little Theater was started in 1933, producing legitimate theater shows. In the 1960's, the format was changed to a "three half format" and was composed of short skits, site gags and music. While keeping with this format, content has slowly evolved based on audience input. The humor leans more to the adult audience members. Those in charge in the 1960's must have had a vision of this evolution and based their pricing accordingly: Adults $5, Children $10, Crying babies $50.

The cast and crew are all volunteers. The annual Spring show runs for four (4) nights – from the last weekend in April-First weekend in May.

Newly added in an October show – CLT Raw.
This was driven by audience requests for content that pushes the boundary a bit harder. The first RAW show sold out and attendees said push harder on the content. We won't disappoint the audience.


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