Heart & Hands

Fisher House Inc

7323 W. Highway 90, Suite 107

San Antonio


7323 US-90, San Antonio, TX 78227, USA

Mission and Vision

The Fisher House Inc. mission is to support military members, veterans, and their families staying at Fisher Houses and those who are eligible to utilize Fisher Houses but are staying at other appropriate points of care venues while they receive medical treatment, care or support.


* Guest must have a military affiliation (Active Duty, Retired, Reserves, National Guard, Veteran)

and be actively receiving medical care at one of the nearby medical facilities.

Their family members are eligible to stay with the patient regardless of their military status.

* Guest must have a permanent, verifiable residence more than 40 miles from the Fisher House

in order to be eligible to stay at the Fisher House.

* Patients are eligible to stay at the Fisher House alone as long as they are fully able to care

for themselves. Children are not to be left unattended while the patient is receiving medical


* Patients are eligible to stay at the Fisher House regardless of medical condition as long as the

condition does not require Home Health services. No medical personnel can enter the Fisher

House to provide care on an outpatient basis.

* Fisher Houses do not allow pets with the sole exception of Certified Service Dogs.

All applications must go through your medical case worker. Contact your case worker to fill out an application. He/she will then forward your application to the House Manager. As rooms become available, our staff will contact you via telephone. Submission of your application does not guarantee you a room. As stated on the application, we highly encourage you to make other arrangements should the houses be full during your requested dates.

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